What We ♡

We ♡ Alcapurrias - Our Favorite Fritter!

What We ♡Donald MontgomeryComment

Made with skill and spoons then fried to a golden brown, alcapurrias are the perfect on the beach treat or after. Mashed green plantains on the outside and a meat filling on the inside, every bite reminds you of summer and on Vieques summer never ends!

The best place for alcappurias and a cold beer on a Friday night is "La Curvita", the bar on the curve as you enter the town of Isabel II on Hwy 200. What makes Friday so special? On Fridays you can choose from meat, crab or gizzards. Other days only carne (meat).

We ♡ Helados Naturales

What We ♡Donald MontgomeryComment

On Vieques the golf cart with the orange coolers carries one of our favorite frozen treats, helados naturales.

Not quite ice cream and a smoother texture than an italian ice, we've tried all the flavors and hands down the Coconut is the best! On a sunny island afternoon customers pull over in their cars, adults hustle over in their flip-flops and kids visit on breaks from school. The little cart can be found traveling all over the island, giving everyone due attention.