What's New: vieques Nannies

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Suzanna is a professional nanny from Denver, Colorado and will be offering childcare services in Vieques this Winter 2016-2017. Her goal is to have a team of highly trained providers to help families get the most out of their vacation. Having an extra set of helping hands and watchful eyes can be the best way to make sure everyone in the family gets to relax. If you are traveling for work a temporary nanny or babysitter may be crucial while you attend your special event or meeting. Having a Nanny is essential for keeping all options open and not being forced to cancel plans. Time may be your most valuable asset, especially on vacation. You can find more information about Suzanna and her endeavor at the link below.


Ask Tammy! The Ultimate VIEQUES Oracle

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Hi Tammy,

Is the ferry easy to do?

I read somewhere that it is often too full or gets cancelled, so you have to arrive 4 hours in advance for the boat. Is this true?




What you have heard is true. The ferry is often late/delayed and if there are too many passengers, Vieques residents are boarded first often not leaving room for visitors. There are many alternative ways to get to the island that are more convenient and much less time consuming. Below is a chart that shows timelines of the alternatives and a link that explains the options in more detail:

We ♡ Alcapurrias - Our Favorite Fritter!

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Made with skill and spoons then fried to a golden brown, alcapurrias are the perfect on the beach treat or after. Mashed green plantains on the outside and a meat filling on the inside, every bite reminds you of summer and on Vieques summer never ends!

The best place for alcappurias and a cold beer on a Friday night is "La Curvita", the bar on the curve as you enter the town of Isabel II on Hwy 200. What makes Friday so special? On Fridays you can choose from meat, crab or gizzards. Other days only carne (meat).

We ♡ Helados Naturales

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On Vieques the golf cart with the orange coolers carries one of our favorite frozen treats, helados naturales.

Not quite ice cream and a smoother texture than an italian ice, we've tried all the flavors and hands down the Coconut is the best! On a sunny island afternoon customers pull over in their cars, adults hustle over in their flip-flops and kids visit on breaks from school. The little cart can be found traveling all over the island, giving everyone due attention.

What's New: La Nasa for Lunch

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La Nasa, featured in the Juanes Victoria's Secret Video above is not just for Salsa on Sundays anymore. La Nasa, located on the Malecon in Esperanza, is now open for lunch. A great value with a great view, we recommend the conch salad with a side of arepas or give the pepper chicken with fried rice a try, the closest thing you'll find to great chinese food on the island. Check out the menu below (click to enlarge)

What's New: Isla Vida

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Isla Vida sums up the Vieques vibe: relaxed, colorful, tropical, eclectic, individualistic, cozy, and special. Browsing the offerings here is like stepping into the life of an islander, perusing a diverse haul of treasures.

The store is located in the shopping area of Isabel II next to Sol Creation and across from Funky Beehive; All 3 are worth a visit! Isla Vida sells clothing, gifts, jewelry, coffee, local art & photos. They also rent beach chairs and the coolest thing of all is you can check your luggage there! Open Monday to Saturday, 9:30AM - 5:00PM